Ribeye Steak

The Ribeye steak is a cut of beef from the rib section. It is a lean and tender cut and is known for its flavour.

The ribeye is probably the best cut of beef, but this is only a matter of opinion.

It does have a good amount of marbling, which means that there is a lot of fat running through them. This makes this cut more flavourful and juicier. Ribeye is tender but firm, which is very sought after when considering the quality of beef steak.

Ribeye is a favourite to many. But what doneness should you cook your ribeye to make it tender and juicy?

The first thing to do is to determine how you prefer your meat to be cooked normally and dare to move one step towards rare. Your choice – Our recommendation. This includes all the different levels of doneness from MR to well done. If you normally eat rare, we recommend MR as the fat requires more heat to melt. So, in summary, we recommend MR or Medium.

Ribeye is a steak that is well-marbled, which provides the meat with tenderness and flavour.

It should be cooked to125 Deg F or 52 Deg C for medium rare 140°F (60°C) for medium doneness, 150°F (65°C) for medium well, and 160°F (70 °C) for well done.

A ribeye is a beef steak that consists of two main muscles, the psoas major and the psoas minor. The psoas major is situated on the inside of the animal (near its spine), and it forms an ‘eye’ shape, hence its name. The psoas minor sits on the outside of the animal (near its ribs) and it also forms an ‘eye’ shape to make up the other size of a ribeye steak.

Cattle Baron TableView Blouberg Ribeye is well aged and an excellent choice.

Vector beef cuts chart and pieces of beef, used for cooking steak and roast – t-bone, rib eye, porterhouse, tomahawk, filet mignon, striploin, sirloin, tri-tip and other popular steak cuts
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