Basics of wine tasting

Open bottle

Pour into glass

Gently sip so that you don’t seem over eager

Once done, Smile.

Enjoy the wine as required

Wine Tasting

This covers the basics of wine tasting – mainly in jest- but we do absolutely recognise the art of wine tasting for the serious aficionado and its importance to the industry

If you feel adventurous – Do this-

Hold the glassAlways use the stem.

Take a look : note the color. Is it dark, rich? etc

Give it a sniff: Do you smell the fruit? Now give it a swirl – take in aromas or flavors

Comment to your fellow tasters

Take a sipTry sipping a bit of wine with air in your mouth so you can aerate the wine itself. Swirl it around your mouth so that you can get some quality time with your wine. After a few seconds of pondering time, feel free to swallow.

If you like it – Drink it

Alternatively it is best to research the subject of wine tasting for those who are serious tasters

Have a great wine drinking day.

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